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The Kunstenbond opened the #unfairpractice platform. Everyone who works in the creative industry can report unfair wages and poor working conditions.

The goal is to expose even more the stubborn problem of underpayment in the creative industry.

The results from this campaign will be used in our lobby and presented as a blackbook to politicians working on plans for the upcoming policy period 2020-2024. 

About the Kunstenbond

We are a union of artists and creatives for all disciplines. We joined forces to make things happen and create a better future for our occupation. 

Fair practice code

#unfairpractice is an answer to the debate whether or not the ‘Fair Practice Code’ should or should not be implemented.

Our opinion: sooner rather than later.

If you’re not entirely sure what the Fair Practice Code entails, or if your business if #unfairpractice free, you should check this website.

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