Artists join forces for better prospects and fair income

Kunstenbond believes that artists deserve good prospects and fair income. Professional work should be rewarded at professional rates. You and everyone you work for should recognize the value of creative work. 

We are artists from all disciplines united to be strong together. We are a team of professionals designated to making this happen. 

Platform #unfairpractice

The Kunstenbond opened the #unfairpractice platform. Everyone who works in the creative industry can report unfair wages and poor working conditions.

The goal is to expose even more the stubborn problem of underpayment in the creative industry.

Join us!

We are the biggest union of artists and creatives in the Netherlands. By becoming a member you create your own safetynet and support the future of your profession alike. 


More to come in English

Kunstenbond is a Dutch organisation. We operate in the Netherlands and look after the interests of all professional artists working in this country, no matter where you’re originallly from. Our main website however is mostly in Dutch. The page you are on now is for the non-Dutchspeakers. For now we have a limited amount of knowledge and news available in English, we’re working on more content for international artists in the Netherlands. 

Working internationally

Kunstenbond’s main focus, expertise and influence lie within the Netherlands. That being said, we know that a lot of our members’ work extends beyond country borders. We want to facilitate your international ambition by providing the information you need to arrange this well on a professional level because we believe this is both important for individual careers as well as for the Dutch arts scene in general. 

Cao Drama & Dance

Kunstenbond & NAPK (Dutch association for performing arts) negotiated an agreement that provides and safeguards a reasonable standard of terms of employment in the professional drama and dance sector in the Netherlands. 

FYI: Cao is a dutch abbreviation that stands for collective working agreement, these are always negotiated by parties that represent the workers (Kunstenbond) and the employers (in this case NAPK) in a certain branch of work. 

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