Are you currently active in the creative and cultural sector as creator, technician or supporter? For just over 10 euros a month you can become a member of the Kunstenbond and appeal to our support.

De Kunstenbond is for all creative individuals in the Netherlands who share a passion for creating.  A beautiful passion to us, but what about the reward? A fair income for all creators makes sense, yet this often is not the reality. We want to change that.

Icoon van een hand met 3 poppetjes erop. Samen voor elkaar

A basic membership includes:

  • A maximum of 3 hours of legal support per year
  • Free use of our tax services for employees (for freelancers € 165,-)
  • A one-time free business advice per year.

Certainties with a basic membership

With a basic membership you will be assured of a daily helpline with our (legal) advisors, whom are happy to think along with you. If you ever come across a somewhat more difficult affair, you can count on expert legal assistance. With a basic membership you are directly entitled to 1 hour of legal support in the first three months. After three months you are entitled to 3 hours every following year.

answers to your questions

Our frontline helpdesk can inform you on questions concerning income, intellectual property, music contracts, employment, and social security. They can also screen contract and other agreements.

Apart from that the Kunstenbond provides business advice on your start-up, rate, disability insurance and portfolio.


A basic membership costs €13 a month. However, there is a tax arrangement in place which means you can get a part of your membership fee up to 49,5% of the amount you pay annually back, either from your employer or via your operating costs as a freelancer.

Additionally, there are other ways to save some money on your membership:

  • Image creators and private copying levy
    Visual artists, illustrators, photographers, animators and anyone who registers in our vakgroepen Beeldend/Visual or Dutch Animation Motion Design communities, is to receive a sum of € 30, – per year on his or her bank account for private copying levy via the Kunstenbond. Pictoright, the foundation for visual royalties, collects this sum, and, in turn, The Kunstenbond collects it from them. Distribution of these royalties directly to artists and makers is one of the spearheads of the Kunstenbond.
  • Cao Nederlandse Podia (Collective Agreement Dutch Performing Arts Centers)
    Are you employed by a performing arts center using the Cao Nederlandse Podia and are you a member of the Kunstenbond? Then you are entitled to an extra year-end bonus of 0.5% of your salary.
  • Cao Poppodia en Festivals (Collective Agreement Music Venues and Festivals)
    Are you employed by a music venue or festival using the Cao Poppodia en Festivals and are you thinking of becoming a member of the Kunstenbond? Then you can reclaim the full first year membership fee from your employer.


If you would like to use one of the options below, please indicate this when completing your membership form.

Music: Ntb

As of 2018, the Ntb has merged with the Kunstenbond. If you are a musician or if you work in the music sector, you will become a member of the Vakgroep Music/Ntb.

composers: VCTN

If you are (also) a music author or composer, you can become a member of VCTN, the association of composers and lyricists which is an initiative of the Kunstenbond/Ntb, at no extra cost.


If you (also) work in vocational education, you can also become a (free) member of BO, the trade union for vocational education. If you do, you will also be involved in consultations about negotiations with educational institutions.


If you work as a jazz musician, you can also become a member of BiMpro, the professional association for improvising musicians that is affiliated with the Kunstenbond, at no extra cost.