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The more members, the stronger we are to change the cultural sector in the Netherlands. To create a fair working environment and fair wages for all artists.

Personal injury beeld: Anne Claire de Breij Photography

Personal injury

Members of de Kunstenbond can benefit from legal assistance in the event of personal injury. Click on this page for more information.

Grant application

A great idea for a creative project, but not enough resources to get it going? A grant can offer the solution! There are quite a number of funds in the Netherlands that provide grants for cultural projects, for example, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Mondriaanfonds for visual artists or Sena Performers Muziekproductiefonds for musicians.

De Kunstenbond has developed a step-to-step road map for her members, which contains inside information and basic rules for writing a grant application, so that you have a better chance of standing out and being eligible for a grant.


Kunstenbond is a union of and for members. Within this union, members are active in what we call communities, which are divided into five groups: DAMD, Visual, Art education, Theatre and Dance and Music.

Unfair practice for international artists

De Kunstenbond is strongly committed to the Fair Practice Code. This code of conduct consists of guidelines for doing business in the creative industry, which is based on five core values: Solidarity, diversity, trust, sustainability, and transparency. It focusses on fair practice, fair pay and a safe work environment.

Click on the link below to read more about the Fair Practice Code and what we are doing to honor it.


TD 20200101 New in the Netherlands? beeld: Martijn Baudoin

New in the Netherlands?

We have many members who moved to the Netherlands on purpose to dance. That’s why we created this page: to help you to get the most out of your dancing life here.