Illustration: Keefer

The consequences of the Corona virus for the cultural sector are enormous. In particular, independent artists and freelancers are affected. The Kunstenbond wants the government to come with a special measurement for the cultural sector, now that tens of thousands of independent artists will lose their livelihood, due to closing of theaters, concert halls and other venues. Freelancers in the cultural and creative sector can report their problems and their lost income to the Kunstenbond through a special webpage.

‘What people need to understand is that apart from major health concerns that we all have, is that this crisis does not only apply to companies and institutions, but also to tens of thousands of freelancers in the cultural sector like freelance musicians, music teachers, dancers, actors and audio technicians, who suddenly end up without income’, says Anne-Marie Harmsen, Director of the Kunstenbond.

For that reason she want clarity as soon as possible about the measures taken to support these freelancers.‘We have already received hundreds of  personal stories of people who get canceled. There is no compensation in their wage. Therefor the government and the municipalities have to take responsibility and offer help by expanding already existing regulations. And this needs to happen as soon as possible. This exceeds the business risk of freelance workers and has become a social problem.’

Tell your story

Let us know what you experienced and report your cancelations through our special webpage.

You can choose which information to give us about an event, the date or the lost income which you suffered. We will not share your information with a third party, but will use it to make an overview of the impact that these measurement have.

The Kunstenbond is deliberating with the government and members of parliament, to see which national and regional measurements, like the Bbz ( literally translated into Self-employment assistance decision) can be expanded for the current situation for the freelancers in the cultural sector. The Bbz is, among other things, designed to help entrepreneurs with temporary cashflow problems.