Music beeld: Wouter van Riessen


You are a musician out of a passion for music. Our music community is committed to all these passionate musicians. Are you a musician, composer or a DJ? As a (starting) professional you will have to deal with the ambitious world of music, in all its guises.  Our community can and will fight for your interests as a musician, and help you along this unfamiliar and rocky road.

Theatre and Dance beeld: Wouter van Riessen

Theatre and Dance

Working in theatre is one of the most beautiful professions. Where the adrenaline is constantly flowing through your body as soon as you enter the stage, and you can realize your dream. But what many people do not realize is that this dream comes at a high price. It is not just that one moment on stage. It is days and days of preparation, daily routines, long working days and deep concerns about the future: What will life be like in 10 years? How am I going to pay for that? The theatre and dance community is committed to all those active on the stage.

Art Education beeld: Wouter van Riessen

Art Education

Arts education is aimed at introducing people both actively and passively to the world of the arts and allowing them to participate in cultural life. Our arts education community focuses on optimizing this beautiful practice. As a teacher you put your heart into transferring knowledge and experience, or you support teachers and ensure that they can perform their task as well as possible. Currently more and more teachers who are working in art education are starting their own business. A fantastic development! But it also entails many responsibilities.


Visual beeld: Wouter van Riessen


The visual community is committed to all visual artist whom often works alone. Working solo is where the artist’s happiness and freedom lie. You don’t need a whole team to help to produce your work. You can do this yourself and you know your worth. However, as your clientele expands, your practice will become more complex and uncertain, and the administrative burdens of collecting, processing, registering etc. will increase.

DAMD beeld: Wouter van Riessen


The DAMD community is committed to all people, both starters and professionals, that are active in 2D and 3D animation, VFX/post production and motion design. All exceptional professions that we are very proud of. However, improvements are urgently needed to be able to exercise these wonderful professions in a healthy and sustainable way, and to compete internationally at the highest level.