We often receive requests for legal assistance and/or advice in the event of personal injury. With the help of our partner Ratio Letselschade, your request can now be handled cost-effectively.

Ratio Letselschade is an experienced company who’s experts are specialized in personal injury and damage cases. This includes injuries sustained during an accident at work or during a traffic accident, or injuries resulting from accidents for which another party can be held liable. As a member of de Kunstenbond, advice or assistance by Ratio is mostly free of charge.

General information about Ratio

  • Ratio works nationwide and visits at home are optional.
  • The conditions of Ratio Letselschade apply to the use of their services. For more information on these terms and conditions please contact
    Ratio Letselschade (0800-4357) or de Kunstenbond;
  • In most cases, the legal assistance offered by Ration does not entail any costs for Kunstenbond members. However, it may happen that legal proceedings are inevitable in order to achieve a proper outcome. For example, when the insurer of the liable party refuses to compensate the damage while Ratio’s experts believe that this is unjustified. The costs associated with the legal proceedings will then be borne by the member of de Kunstenbond. A request for a financial contribution can be submitted to the board (members only).

Additional information:

  • Prior to a claim, a critical assessment will take place by an expert from Ratio. In most cases an acceptable claim is established without the need to litigate. However in some cases only legal proceedings can achieve the desired results.
  • If the member has a legal expenses insurance that is willing to pay the legal costs, then Ratio is obliged to invoke this.
  • De Kunstenbond has no financial provisions for these kinds of issues. The request for financial contribution can therefore be rejected by the board. If necessary, de Kunstenbond can refer the member to external lawyers.


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